The story so far……..

It’s been a busy year. I’ve been busy. Busy at home, busy at work. How I found the time to write the panto script, Cinderella alone knows (maybe I had the help of a Fairy Godmother?). But it was written, and I’m delighted that we’re at the Eric Morecambe Theatre in Harpenden Public Halls – a fantastic venue. I know it’s going to be great for us!

We’ve found a fantastic cast –

Mandy Fleming is back as the villain, the evil Queen rat – she is a fabulous villain, and will really get the audience going. A great company member and it’s really good to have Mandy on board again.

Zoe Coxon is our Fairy of the Bells. Zoe is new to Act One but no stranger to the Harpenden stage. Between now and panto, she’s doing at least 3 other shows – Zoe is a hard working girl! She’s proving to be delightful at panto rehearsals, and captures the Fairy part perfectly. An extra bonus is Katie, Zoe’s mum, who is an absolute star and very helpful – thank you Katie!

Tamsin Goodwin-Connelly is playing Dick. She is a very strong actress and singer, and we’re delighted she agreed to do the show with us. A really talented company member.

Joanna Vymeris is Tommy the cat and Joanna’s worked with us before – she spends a lot of rehearsals sitting around waiting to be called, but when she does get to do her bits, she is fantastic – miaow! Joanna’s mum Gill is spending all her time sewing costumes – and they’re looking great – so thank you Gill!

The reliable, competent stalwart Andrew Willis is Alderman Fitzwarren as well as Stage Managing the show. Andrew is a reliable backbone. We’ve worked together for many years and he knows exactly how the show works and delivers at rehearsals every time. A great member of the group.

Sarah Geraghty joins us as Alice Fitzwarren – and she is a delight. Just what you want from a principal girl – pretty, a beautiful speaking voice as well as a lovely singing voice, and a good actress.

The one and only Dave Moore is back as the panto dame, Sarah the Cook. Dave is proving to be invaluable in panto – he’s funny, learns his lines quickly (!), and gets involved in everything. A true company professional!

Theo Theobald joins us as the Sultan. Theo has a tremendous amount of experience in comedy and performing, and his contribution to the show is already proving to be hilarious as well as 100% professional. Let’s just hope we can sort his turban out before the show!

Ray Chamberlain as the Vizier has his first rehearsal with us on Sunday. He’ll be great, I know it!

And then we have our lovely chorus girls – Jo Almond, Jai Farris, Kaytie Johnson, Freya Page and Grace Kelly Rafton. They’re all talented dancers, look fantastic – and are starting to really get involved in the show.

Ourr ‘middle chorus’ comprises Kate Alexander, Louise Phillimore, Sophie Phillimore and Anna Wirszycz – all of whom have worked with us as children in the past. It’s great to have them back, and we’re delighted they’re prepared to make the journey from West London to do panto (and their parents). Thanks for coming!

The panto children are Maya Berger, Sophie Caplin, Isla Flint, Emily Lawford, Philippa Lawford and Hannah Petley – all local girls! They’re doing really well in their first year with us. Hope you’re enjoying panto so far girls!

So, that’s the cast.

Then there’s the rest of the company, none of whom we could do the show without – more next post!