24/8/08 – Readthrough, Technical Meeting & Rehearsal 1

Today we met as a company for the first time, and read through the script. It’s probably the only time we run through the show in order from start to finish, as due to the nature of rehearsals, we jump from scene to scene in terms of what we rehearse. We also started learning the complicated “box routine”, which involves a very large number of props and boxes being thrown onto the stage and caught by members of the cast, during a song! It’s a complicated routine but will work well if we get it right! We then spent time learning the dance routine to accompany “Reach” – it’s the last number in the show, so important the routine is full of energy!

20/8/08 – Readthrough this weekend!

On Sunday the cast and crew will meet for the first time as a whole group, to read through the script. It will be a long, busy – but hopefully fun – day, as we are doing readthrough plus technical meeting (talking through each scene discussing the scenery, the special effects, the lighting, the sound, etc), plus after all that our first rehearsal!

16/8/08 – Key Setting

We had an excellent morning today – with Steve Turner our Musical Director at the piano, and Cinders, Prince Charming, Dandini and our Fairy – as well as me, Buttons – as we learnt our songs and set the keys we’ll be singing them in. We got through everything really well, and it’s already beginning to sound good!

The Poster!


Once again Steve Rider has come up trumps with an absolutely great poster! The style fits perfectly – and it’s colourful, eye-catching and of course beautifully designed and executed! Thanks Steve!