Dave rang me yesterday with a new gag for songsheet, so we’ll add that in on Sunday when we rehearse! Mandy gave me the good news that a false leg has been found (don’t ask – just come and see the show to find out)! And this afternoon is the Technical Meeting at the theatre……..

23/11/08 Rehearsal 9

Once again we got through a tremendous amount today, and I am really grateful for the effort everyone put in. We were unfortunately “sans Uglies”, Ugly-less, as Theo was not available and Dave got snowed in!!! But we ran Act I and we did most of the dance routines in front of Tina for her comments – overall, pleased!

Gill is being an an absolute star with costumes……… thank you Gill!!!

¬†Two more rehearsals (one without the Chorus, and one without Theo), then we’re into the theatre!!!


Louisa joined us today – to make up our chorus. We got through a tremendous amount, including choreographing Make Your Own Rainbow (thanks Sinead) andIt’s raining Men (thanks Sarah) plus loads more besides! We managed to run Act II through, and most of us have learned some (if not all) of our lines! Only a few more rehearsals to go – and still loads to do!! Hey ho!


Louise joined us for her first rehearsal as Cinderella! Martha arrived to dance with the chorus. And Ian and Dave (stage crew) were there to watch and throw boxes!!!! We got through a lot, but it still seems like there’s loads to do! ………..