29/8/10 Rehearsal

We managed to block the whole show today – with the cast members who were there – so a successful rehearsal!

22/8/10 Readthrough

We met in St Mary’s Chuirch Hall in Potters Bar for our readthrough. The cast read through the script while Andrew G and myself revealed as much as we can about the set and other intricacies. We were then joined by Daniel Dibdin who took us through the musical numbers. I’m delighted that Dan is joining us again as Musical Director this year. It was a long day, but we got through everything and it went very well.


Copies of the script have started to be distributed to the cast, and what a great cast it is this year. Here in its fullness…….

Robin Hood – Sophie Massie
Maid Marian – Annie Smith
The Sheriff of Nottingham – John Dawson
Fairy Tinkle – Amanda Davidson
Silly Billy – Chris Law
Nasty Nora – Danielle Cohen
Nurse Calpol – Theo Theobald
The Babes: Jenny & Jane – Lauren Pidgeon & Jessica Proctor
Little John – Richard Jackson
Will Scarlett – Dominic Fox

with Robin Petley as The Sheriff’s Guard

and our Chorus: Sarah Andrews, Martha Jones, Hannah Petley and Maddie
and our Chlldren’s Chorus: Alice Davies plus 3 others

I’m sitting down with panto Musical Director Daniel Dibdin on Monday to bask through the dots, then we have the readthrough and key setting on 22nd August, and then the fun starts! Here’s to a great panto season for 2010!