Rehearsals continue – and we’re getting there. There are many parts of the show we’ve not rehearsed yet, but those we have are coming together.

12/9/ Rehearsal

We did some “leafletting” this morning – flyers through letterboxes in Harpenden – Mandy, Richard, Dominic, Zena, Danielle and myself – we got a lot done … and it’s rewarding when the ticket booking start flooding in. One woman to whom we handed a leaflet said she had come to see Cinderella – “the one with the live white Shetland pony” – and would definitely be coming again this year.

On to the rehearsal. We were joined for the first time by our wonderful choreographer Sarah Andrews, and it was fantastic to see her again. She was accompanied by Chorus Martha, Maddie and Hannah – and Children’s Chorus Hannah, Sophie and Gabi. We tackled “Anytime Anywhere” and “Fight For This Love”, while John, Danielle and I tried to start perfecting “Kids”.

Jessica and Lauren are learning their moves as the babes.

Finally, the company sang through various of the shows numbers, with Annie (Marian) standing in for Sophie (Robin) , who wasn’t with us today.