Final day……

A fantastic audience for our 11am show today – a great crowd who really got into the spirit of the panto quickly – and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The show ran smoothly and Tina and I were delighted with it.

One more to go……3pm

I must say thank you to everyone involved in this year’s production – this has been a fantastic run and a really great panto.

Snow joke!

And so the snow came………

Two shows on Friday and two today. The first show on Friday had a “matinee audience” – they enjoyed the show, but the laughs came in places other than we may have expected! The second show had a fantastic audience – really out to enjoy themselves and they loved the panto! The NODA rep (Nova Horley) was in for the second show, and she will be reviewing the production. We’ve been privileged to win her Award for Best Panto for the past two years – so we live in hope for this year too!!!

As the snow fell today, audiences dwindled and the second show had a small audience who I guess may have bene feeling the cold…….. but we soldiered on and gave great performances. The first show saw Dave Moore come along – Dave has played Dame for us and last year was Town Crier and he thoroughly enjoyed the show, although it must have felt odd for him sitting in hte sudience rather than being on the stage!

Tina and I are really pleased with how the whole show is going. A great cast and fantastic crew, some brilliant choreography from Sarah Andrews, and a fab band. Thank you all for making “Babes” a great show!

Here we go!

We opened last night and got some great feedback (I mean the audience’s reaction, not ikssues with the sound).

The small but perfectly formed audience behaved as you’d expect a small (but perfectly formed) audience would – shouting, screaming and applauding in (mostly) all the right places. They even laughed at one or two of the (very old) jokes!

We had a few problems (cloths opening when shouldn’t, no bedding on the beds in the nursery) – and our lovely Maid Marian (Annie) is trying extremely hard not to totally lose her voice – so we took her out of the songs and she was admirably ciovered by Robin Hood (Sophie).

The cast and crews are working hard to get this show right – and we’ve started really well. The rest of the run should be fab!


We’re well into it now – another good rehearsal today. Trying to sort out replacemnet Musical Director is the current nightmare!


Well into rehearsals now, and we’ve managed to get through pretty much everything now. Lauren and Jessica (the Babes) are getting on well, coping wih the demands of the rehearsal schedule! Daniel Dibdin our MD has got another (longer) gig so is currently sourcing a replacement Musical Director – and we are still in need of assistance – but other than that, all going well.


Rehearsals continue – and we’re getting there. There are many parts of the show we’ve not rehearsed yet, but those we have are coming together.

12/9/ Rehearsal

We did some “leafletting” this morning – flyers through letterboxes in Harpenden – Mandy, Richard, Dominic, Zena, Danielle and myself – we got a lot done … and it’s rewarding when the ticket booking start flooding in. One woman to whom we handed a leaflet said she had come to see Cinderella – “the one with the live white Shetland pony” – and would definitely be coming again this year.

On to the rehearsal. We were joined for the first time by our wonderful choreographer Sarah Andrews, and it was fantastic to see her again. She was accompanied by Chorus Martha, Maddie and Hannah – and Children’s Chorus Hannah, Sophie and Gabi. We tackled “Anytime Anywhere” and “Fight For This Love”, while John, Danielle and I tried to start perfecting “Kids”.

Jessica and Lauren are learning their moves as the babes.

Finally, the company sang through various of the shows numbers, with Annie (Marian) standing in for Sophie (Robin) , who wasn’t with us today.