20/1/08 07:00

Get-in day today. It’s going to be a long tiring day – however, we have nearly the whole company coming along to help, and this is a real case of many hands making light work…. It’s also Andrew Willis’ birthday today – what a great way to spend your birthday, lugging stuff around, hanging cloths, sorting songsheets, etc!!!! Hey ho!

However, this is the start of our week in the Eric Morecambe Theatre, Harpenden Public Halls – and I for one am really looking forward to it!!


Our last rehearsal before we get into the theatre – and it went really well. We ploughed through everything the children and middle chorus do in the whole show, and ran Act I with the principals. All went well, and we got the chance to redo a few things based on ‘popular opinion’ as to what the company wanted to practise!

Tina went through costume notes with everybody, Gill finished Freya’s silver finale dress (and it looks great!), and Andrew Garnett quietly plotted away (lighting, that is! – not some evil scheme…..!).

The show is a bit slow in parts (the £3 scene Dave & Andrew!!), but I know we will pick the pace up when we get into the theatre. It’s looking really good, there are many ‘outstanding’ moments, which I know the audience will love!

Tina and I are really enjoying working with the whole company – and this promises to be a fantastic show!

The fairy hadn’t realised that her wand had gone missing….

Where's my wand?


A fantastic rehearsal today. Tina came along, and added a great deal – her comments and advice are welcome and valuable. We ran everything involving Children and Middle Chorus then ran Act II. Theo and Ray were there, so the Sultan’s Palace sequence went really well. Had to make some changes to the Children’s ballet to make it work better for the show, and had to change everone’s entrances for one number, but other than that, no problems.

I remain delighted with an excellent company! I just need more leaflets out there now! And more tickets sales!


Technical Meeting at the theatre – with Dennis, their extremely helpful and experienced Technical expert. We covered a lot of ground, although spent ages trying to understand where each cloth would hang! Not really sure why it took so long!

Having walked through the show, I now know I need to change the entire company’s entrances in “Under the Sea” – so that will be one of the additional challenges for this Sunday’s rehearsal!


Today’s rehearsal was great. We went through everything that the Children and Middle Chorus are involved in first, and covered all their bits. Some of the dance numbers need a little more work, but it’s pretty much there. Then, we ran through as much as we could with the rest of the company. Again, we covered a lot, and the next couple of rehearsals (the last before we get into the theatre) really need to be about ‘tidying’ rather than learning…..

Several moments stood out for me at today’s rehearsal: Joanna’s actions as Tommy the cat during ‘Heartbeat’ were brilliant! Anna’s laugh when Dick asks for a job is a scene-stealer! And Gill quietly sitting there sewing costumes, which are looking fantastic!

Thanks everybody!


Went to see Snow White at Basildon this afternoon. Daniel Dibdin is MD on the panto, and he is our MD as well! It was a good show, and we enjoyed it tremendously. We also got to meet Tim Adnitt who is joining us as bass player for ‘Dick’.


Take That’s “Shine” seems to be immensely popular – Dave suggested using it, and we saw it in the Radlett “Aladdin” today, so will be using it in our gorilla scene!

Radlett “Aladdin” was really good. We all enjoyed the show.


Ticket sales are steady but could be better. I’m always impressed by how far people travel to see our pantomime : Portsmouth, Kent, Norwich, Wales, and from all over the rest of southern England! Our fans are very loyal and it’s always a delight to see so many familiar faces in the audience

Luton News & Dunstable Gazette contacted us today. They’ve asked for some pictures, so it will be good to see what they write about us.

The theatre is available for us to do band call which is great news, so just need to reorganise everyone for the new date!