Starting to think properly about Cinderella now. We know the show week, but haven’t finalised the time for the Sunday performance yet – some negotiation to be had!

Have discussed pony with the Council – now just need to find one!

Am keen to sort who’s doing the show so I can start writing. Cast so far are Andrew Willis as Baron Hardup, Dave Moore and Theo Theobald as the Ugly Sisters, and me as Buttons of course! Mandy Fleming is definitely in the show, and I’m just waiting for some others to get back to me. One thing I do know, is we’ll need to find a Cinderella! (Let’s hope the slipper fits….)

Amanda as Queen Rat

Amanda as Queen Rat

Evil!! Nice!!

A fantastic pic – copyright Martin Broadfoot (thanks Martin!)

Company Party

Most of us were able to get together on Saturday for the company party. It was good fun, lots of food and drink, and it was a joy to see so many of the Dick Whittington company again!

We bopped to the top and were all in it together throughout the afternoon/evening. We listened to the NODA review and watched a video of the show. Some of the conversations were heard to vary from Dick to Cinderella!!