26/10/08 Cinderella SHALL go to the ball!

I’m delighted to announce that today we cast Louise Edwards as Cinderella. Having had to say goodbye to Sarah a few weeks ago, we have been ‘searching throughout the kingdom’ to find our perfect new Cinderella, and Louise will be exactly that! A talented actress, she will make a beautiful Cinderella, and Tina and I are looking forward to working with her – Louise, welcome to panto!!

19/10/08 Rehearsal 6

Three of our four chorus dancers joined us for the frst time at rehearsal today – Sarah Andrews, Jenny King and Leanne Leadbitter (Martha Jones (the fourth) will be with us from the next rehearsal) – and they’re are lovely! They joined in immediately and started picking up how the show works and we even started on some of the dance routines! Thanks for joining the panto, girls!

6/10/08 …..the buck stops with the Producer……

One of the great things about being the Producer is you get credit for a great show. One of the awful things about being the Producer is you also have to deal with difficult situations. In the last week, I’ve had to say goodbye to three members of the company, all for their own different personal reasons. Louise and Sophie from the Middle Chorus, and Sarah who was playing Cinderella. I’m really sad to say that all three will no longer be able to do this year’s panto. We will genuinely miss all three, and wish them all the best….