……and we’ve been booked to do Jack and the Beanstalk in December 2009 !!!

19/12/08 Performances 2 & 3

Another fantastic day! A small matinee audience was pretty much what a small matinee audience would be like, but we were treated to a fabulous 7pm audience – who had clearly come to see panto and enjoy themselves!

Tuesday Dress Rehearsal

We ran the show twice – the first was a little stop-and-start-y, as the crew need to get used to the scene changes.┬áThe second run was a lot better – and the transformation at the end of Act I and the ballroom scene both look particularly good.

Monday Tech

A long day – we spent the morning finishing off what needed to be done, and we were joined by Clippi – our lovely pony from Ian Lucken’s Pantomime Ponies. She’s a beautiful little animal, and well used to panto! A seasoned professional! A couple of press photos with the gorgeous Cinders, then Clippi said goodbye tio us for the day as she headed off to Chez Coxon!

We had scheduled to start┬átech-ing at 2pm but it was well gone 3 by the time we did – maybe even 4 – but we did start! We got through the show with a few problems – but then as I always say, this is the one time the crew get to rehearse! It was gone midnight when we finally said goodnight. 1230 start tomorrow (crew in from 0930) – another long day perhaps?!!

Saturday Get-in

A long day (started at 8 am with Andrew Garnett) and ended at 9.30pm at the theatre – but we got a lot done. Not everything, but we never do! Thanks to Andrew & Grinda, Andrew G, Roger, Robin, Rob, Denis and his son, Mandy, Cassi, Andy R, Dave, Louise, Ian…….

8/12/08 Band Call & Singing Rehearsal

Spent a thoroughly enjoyable day with our fantastic pantomime band Steve Turner (MD/Keys), Toby Goodman (Drums), Elliot Mason (Bass), Sean Freeman (Reeds) and Mark Drapeau (Percussion). They sound brilliant and Steve has done some great arrangements for the show.


An excellent rehearsal – and we got through everything the children do in the panto, then we ran the whole show for the principals. Going really well.