Monday Tech

A long day – we spent the morning finishing off what needed to be done, and we were joined by Clippi – our lovely pony from Ian Lucken’s Pantomime Ponies. She’s a beautiful little animal, and well used to panto! A seasoned professional! A couple of press photos with the gorgeous Cinders, then Clippi said goodbye tio us for the day as she headed off to Chez Coxon!

We had scheduled to start tech-ing at 2pm but it was well gone 3 by the time we did – maybe even 4 – but we did start! We got through the show with a few problems – but then as I always say, this is the one time the crew get to rehearse! It was gone midnight when we finally said goodnight. 1230 start tomorrow (crew in from 0930) – another long day perhaps?!!

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