Band call today and I must say the music sounds brilliant! Steve Parker (MD / Keyboard) has arranged some fantastic parts – and the guys played excellently – Ian Killoran (Reeds), Gareth Covey-Crump (Bass), Les Arnols (Drums) and Mark Drapeau (Percussion) – all fantastic!

The cast joined us for singing in the evening, and are sounding great!

One bit of bad news – Howard Read had has laptop stolen with Little Howard on it! ARGH!!!!!!! Will the show go on……..?! (Don’t worry kids – oh yes it will!)


We had a full runthrough today – but sadly a number of the company were missing (one chorus, one child, one Spirit of the Ring and one Princess). Steve Parker (MD) came along – and we ran the whole show from start to finish. Act 1 ran better than Act 2. Tina was there to view and help direct – which as ever is brilliant and a real help to the show to have fresh eyes (she last saw this show at an early rehearsal)…. Some people need to revisit their lines, as this was the last runthrough before tech! The tension as we get closer to show week mounts!