After a spot of rehearsal, we set off for the Harpenden parade – walking behind the coach which Peter sat in, with the Mayor, sometimes running to keep up with the horses – and occasionally dragging behind distracted as Cerrie chatted to members of the crowd, and finding ourselves in the middle of a marching troupe!

The lights switch on was fun, although would have prepared more if we’d known we’d have had to fill for that long (!) – more tickets sold immediately afterwards, so publicity fab!

On the way back, a man asked Cerrie to sign his hand…….. hmm……..

Ernie Almond from 3Counties radio popped in to interview Peter and Cerrie and it was good to meet him, as he is an old panto hand, having done four at the Arena and over 20 at Harpenden (man y years ago!)……..

Also got to chat to Stuart Miles, who was  great. And was great to see Stuart Nurse again!
We ended the day with more rehearsal, and it’s getting there! Not long to go now!


Props are being sourced and made, music is being arranged, lines are starting to be learned, costumes being sewn and chosen (as appropriate!) – yes, it’s nearly panto time!

This Sunday we record the click tracks for those numbers that need them, and then next Sunday we are on a stage to turn on the Christmas Lights in Harpenden!