Nearly there

The set arrived from Prosceneium, the hire company we use – and it is enormous as advertised! There are bits of it we won’t be using, including an unfeasibly heavy ship’s wheel. We moved those bits to another area of the building!

Working our way through scene by scene, the crew built each of the sets and we checked them for what they looked like, lighting, entrances and exits, and so forth.

At 0030 (v late Tuesday night) we called it a day, but about four hours behind where we needed to be. We had only looked at he first half of the show. Back Wednesday morning to look at the second half’s sets……

Then to Tech. We ran a technical rehearsal of Act I, from prologue to interval. Some issues, which we will overcome….. But all in all an excellent tech. Even Peter (Purves – Blue Peter legend!) said how well he thought the Tech had gone. I lead a round of applause for the crew at the end. Thanks to sound, lighting, our md, but particularly the stage crew who lugged heavy scenery around – fab tech!

Tomorrow we tech Act II……!

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